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Welcome to the fan site dedicated to the career of the world-renowned singer, Susan Boyle.  This site archives Susan's performances, interviews, documentaries, commercials, movie appearances and awards.

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Susan Boyle "TEN" - out now

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Below are three clips:  

the opening credits of River City, a Scottish TV show presented by BBC Scotland which aired on December 6, 2021, featuring audio of Susan's recording of 'Angels' (from Susan's album"A Wonderful World");

Susan's cameo performance on that show; 

and a short interview after the taping.

Good job, Susan (and Geraldine, Susan's personal assistant)!

Susan has donated her Britain's Got Talent 2019 dress, that also appeared in TEN tour pics and her TEN album cover, to 13-year-old Ashlee Easton, who Susan has known since she was 6, to help the family raise money for lifesaving cancer treatment in New York.  

100% of the proceeds went to Ashlee's Solving Kid's Cancer Fund.​


The bidding has ended, and the dress sold for £1,060 ($1,298)! 

Auction that took place -Susan's dress