you'll see - susan boyle
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Submitted By: otomih on April 09, 2010
About the Video: Susan's voice brings depth and meaning to photos of after-war Vietnam. "Hanoi 80-90" by bonnypham1
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lttlesis commented on April 18, 2010
lizbeth1 commented on April 17, 2010
Susan sings with such emotion. Can listen to her everyday!
Gozzy commented on April 13, 2010
The depth of this video with Susan's song is amazing.
a fan from thailand commented on April 13, 2010
Hanoi is approaching 1000 years in the 10th of this year coming October. I was first visited Hanoi in 1989 after several times later. The latest one is just last month. So, I have evidenced a lot of changes in Hanoi and Vietnam as a whole. One thing about the old Hanoi city that I do always feel is its sad look which has never changed. I love the sad look of Hanoi so much and it calls me back almost every year. Thanks the photographer, the video maker,the poster and Susan Boyle. This is one of best artistic documentary video I have ever seen. Score 10.
Selimron commented on April 12, 2010
Susan singing this song with the Video is perfect.
joaniejean commented on April 11, 2010
Score: 10
capucine commented on April 11, 2010
I see many emotion wow.