Post-audition interview, part 2 - 4/11/09
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Submitted By: Gobs on April 25, 2009
About the Video: This is the remainder of the backstage interview ITV did just after Susan's performance. It includes new revelations from Susan and also more live non-edited footage from her Glasgow triumph. Just been posted today (April 25) at their site:

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Janet in Texas commented on June 04, 2009
I too love this video. I have watched it over and over this week. I adore her voice and accent. I love to hear her laugh and it IS so cute when she says 'there you go", so sweet and sincere. I hope and pray she recovers and sings on records to her hearts content. I WILL buy every CD she makes and I mainly listen to classical and hard rock!!! Susan rocks and I love of luck Susan, she has been given her biggest challenge and I know that after the bravery she showed performing in the finals she will go on to great things
Teesiel commented on May 30, 2009
The sweet Susan in this video looks exhausted lately. I am so glad she can go home and relax--2nd place is awesome for her to make her records--look at Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken--worked for them
delly commented on May 23, 2009
I love this interview. She is so genuine and refreshing. I could understand her in this one. You have to know that I'm a Southerner and It's difficult sometimes for some of us to even understand the speach of Northerners. lol She is so charming and honest. You can't help but love her. I think Piers was being sincere and honest with her. He looked like he was about to cry at one point after he swallowed that lump. I'm not sure how to take Amanda. Simon looked like he had fallen in love, but that might have been dollar signs in his eyes.
Teesiel commented on May 21, 2009
So sweet when she says, "There you go." How can you not love her!
Lovin' Every Minute! commented on May 19, 2009
This is a great interview, I didn't realize it was posted here! I love the part where she says she assumed she'd get buzzed, the only question was who was going to hit the buzzer first. She's a pretty together lady, up for the challenge. Although at this point, she could not have anticipated what was in store once the audition aired! I'm glad she had a couple of months of normalcy before the madness set in. Bring 'em on!
YourAwesome commented on May 19, 2009
It still makes me cry to know just how much Susan has already changed the world!! :) Yes RubyRose and to all the great post below SUSAN is TRULY LOVED!! Hugs Girl...your a "STAR"­; WE LOVE YOU!!
RubyRose commented on May 19, 2009
This is my favorite interview and I come back to it often just to check in and see how Susan is doing. Isn't that silly? This video is a month old, how can it say anything about how Susan is doing today? But it does seem to reassure me that she's well-grounded and knows what she wants and has vowed to take on whatever challenge may come. She's going to be fine. At the end of the interview, when she says I want to make everybody happy, and if they will accept me as a performer, then I'll be happy, my heart turns over. Oh, Susan, if only you KNEW how happy you have already made us and how wholeheartedly we already accept you as a magnificent performer. SUSAN, WE LOVE YOU. YOU'RE GOING TO SUCCEED BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS. If your fans have anything to do with it, you're going to be gobsmacked with joy again and again for years to come.
Sueandpebbles commented on May 18, 2009
She's just adorable isn't she.
Patricia's Art commented on May 07, 2009
This is my favorite interview thus far,she was so cute when she said"there you go". I think she is endearing,how could you not like her,she is so sincere . All she wanted to do was sing at that audition ,remember how she was all set to just walk off the stage.She has lived a sheltered life in this little village and one can see she is surprised by all the attention but as she said in another interview she takes it all in stride. I think once she cuts her first album and its a big hit no one will ever laugh at her again.
susanaddict commented on May 07, 2009
A 10. She is a really nice person. She has won already.
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