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Submitted By: mirthincolorado on July 19, 2009
About the Video: This is another old one but I updated it. Made for Pebbles they were missing each other. Petula Clark sings Cat in the Window, Supposed to be a little humorous too. Hope you like it and thanks for watching.
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camisu11 commented on September 09, 2009
Hey Sis!! Hi everyone, this is my sister Nancy. Some of you on Amazing know about Nancy. Hope you will say hi. Nancy just had a wrenching experience with health issues and all those on Amazing prayed for her. Nancy we are so thrilled you are feeling better. I have many friends here on the Susan-boyle site and this is where I started out with Susan and where I hang out now also. This is my Susan Boyle family here and on Amazing.
prplrose commented on September 05, 2009
I thought it was very fitting for Susan and her cat and fits my sis very well too
camisu11 commented on August 19, 2009
I meant to add that that happened about 1 hour or so ago.
camisu11 commented on August 19, 2009
Mirth, my kittie Jessicat ran into my bedroom window because she saw birds right at the edge of the window. The birds flew away quickly as Jessicat bumped the window. Poor kittie. Sent her outside to play.
mirthincolorado commented on August 10, 2009
Camisu; yes please do sent it to me. I love cats, all animals basically. I have a ferral gray one now that sits in the window but outside looking in! thank you freind so much love mirth
camisu11 commented on August 10, 2009
I play this video every day, it is my cup of lemonade!! My family have a link to this also with a picture of my cat in the window. I should send that pic to you mirth. do you want it?
ishkamarie commented on August 05, 2009
Hi Miirth the latest saga of my cats has moved on. Now they are wanted by police. I cannot believe how people can be. A policeman came to my door looking for the cat that came in the one of my neighbors yards and left a mess. I do not know how much a of a mess she could have left. She has been out a total of 9 hours in 15 years. Anyway now I have a citation that may mean I have to give a away my cats because I cannot afford to pay it. Im on social security. The citation is nine hundred dollars for three cats with vet fees. How can people be so cruel. Please everyone reading this understand that it is important to talk to people before they call the police. This neighborhood is crawling with cats. I don't even know for sure my cats are the ones making the mess. My cats wont be flying out the window anytime soon. Again, I hope anyone reading this will go and talk to a neighbor before making this into a mess that effects someone else. I cannot bear the thought of loosing my cats. They are my grandchildren.
ishkamarie commented on August 03, 2009
Hi mirth... I hadnn't even thought of names yet, but those are great and fit the situation. I'm alittle worried because my cat is old. I will be taking her to a vet soon to see if it is saft for such an old cat to have kittens. It is my fault. I should have had her fixed along time ago like the others. I have to be honest. I dont know what I will do if he tells me she is too old. I will cross that bridge when I come to it. Keep you fingers crossed she will be alright. She is my baby. I don't have grandchildren so she is it.
mirthincolorado commented on August 03, 2009
Thanks everyone for the lovely comments. I really appreciate it from all of you. love mirth
mirthincolorado commented on August 03, 2009
Ishkameri: Wow. Kittens on the way. Pebbles is going to be a great name. I think I would name one Dream, one Memory, and one River, just don't name them Tiger!! Lol tigers come at night and take your dreams away!!! I would love a photo of the kittens. love animals. love mirth
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