Larry King talks Susan Boyle (Plus Amanda's Views)
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Submitted By: Anonymous on June 03, 2009
About the Video: Larry King talks Susan Boyle (Plus Amanda's Views)
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Marty in PA commented on June 08, 2009
Amanda, enough with the freakin crush. By now Susan probably can't stand the sight of the man, I know that I can't. King had some real concerns about Susan's health, and she brings up the crush! And maybe it's about time you learn what lack of oxygen does to the brain. DUH!! She acts like it's something that happens all the time. Not a big deal. Susan DOES have a learning disability, but that doesn't mean she isn't smart. The least that they could have done, since they supposedly have all of those doctors available, was to learn just what that meant. And Susan was smart enough to realize that she was nothing more then a commodity, which was evident after the final. I guess they didn't notice how sick she was at that point. Probably just said it's been real, we have to go to our party now. Good luck. I hope Susan comes back from this even stronger, and will never let anyone walk all over her again.
bluewren commented on June 07, 2009
PS.As I remember it Susan's brother didn't say Susan had no learning disabilities he said "too much was being made of them."and I agree. Re Amanda's comments that Susan is smarter than she lets on.I am sure that was a knee jerk reaction to a TV presenter in America who I heard say "Susan is not the sharpest tool in the box".Amand­a also said if Susan is a loser then she is doing a lot better than any winner of a contest ever did.In other words she may have lost the contest but she has emerged an even bigger winner than if she had won. If Susan can do Amanda's career anygood I am betting she would be pleased to do it.
bluewren commented on June 07, 2009
I am really disappointed that people are turning on Amanda who has obviously been sent on a mission by BGT of damage control where Susan is concerned. To convince the American public that all is well with Susan and her album will be released shortly and they won't be disappointed. If there was a connection between any of the judges on that fateful night it was between Amanda and Susan. Susan was rendered speechless with pleasure with Amanda's "Yes"­. I think Amanda is genuinely concerned that Susan's naive and vulnerable feelings are going to be hurt by the mercurial ego driven Piers Morgan after her unwise public declaration of preference for him over Simon.Piers'­;s continued support is because he wants to keep his job he is a clever man.He is just playing along until he can bow out gracefully. Probably on orders from Simon Cowell.Amanda just knows him very well. I think Amanda is beautiful and has nothing to be jealous of anyone as she is warm hearted she is multi talented she can dance and sing is a capable actress. She is probably the only judge with genuine qualifications to be a judge .And she is happily married to a man she loves and who loves her. Give her a break she cannot help being beautiful.
kittycat commented on June 05, 2009
No one is ditching Simon, Piers or Amanda. We are saying how we feel. I think Simon an Piers have been good to Susan. Amands to me seems jealous of Susan. My thoughts of the subject.
ogieGB commented on June 05, 2009
gosh my typeing is getting worse ,i wanted to say susan wouldnt want us to carry on ridaculeing simon amanda and piers
ogieGB commented on June 05, 2009
my my my , its just come to thought theres a lot of anamosity being heaped up on amanda piers and simon . lest we forget ,there were others in the compertion ,in there ouw way just as good as susan . but they didnt reach our hearts in the way susan did . are we not just as bad as the gutter press with our scatheing attac of them . im sure susan wouldnt want that doing
kittycat commented on June 05, 2009
ca0911 You wrote a great comment. Everything you said, is so true. Amanda should think Susan for her sucess. Least Susan didn't have to bear most of her body to get where she is.
ca0911 commented on June 05, 2009
You know, I have to feel a bit sorry for Amanda. Here she has been nipped and tucked and streatched and botoxed and has tried to be successful in show biz for 15 yrs and only becomes known on the coattail of an extraordinary little woman from Scotland who's only claim to fame is that she has a stunning voice and is satisfied with being herself (just tidying herself up a bit as she said). In truth that has to be a bit humiliating for Amanda. I have never seen her on stage so I really can't make a judgement on her talent but it seems clear to me that she would simply have remained someone few people outside the UK ever heard of were it not for Susan,
kittycat commented on June 04, 2009
Maybe this is true. I think the only true friend she had on the BGT was Piers. Amanda, could have cared less, seemed like she was jealous of Susan. I think Amanda better watch her p's and q's if she is doing the "early morning show" in our country because we can make her swim back across the pond. America loves Susan not Amanda Holden. Susan will live her dream and we as American's need to make sure she is protect from these monsters. (media) We have to demand respect for Susan while she is in America. Susan will conquer all evil, God is on her side.
joaniel commented on June 04, 2009
To One Voice,and everybody else her with Susans best interest in heart. The statements One Voice mentioned about Amanda saying, she didn't think Susan had any longevity is on of the nasty remarks I heard her say, the other is she didn't think Susan was as Innocent as people thought. That was enough for me to wash my hands of Amanda Holden. I feel she was totally out of line. Who does she think she is passing such a judgment. I find her very distasteful and down right mean What is wrong with her anyway? Amanda, do I detect the green eyed monster coming out in you? I don't know how you can justify making those two statements about Susan. Shame on you!!!.