Up To The Mountain
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Submitted By: Patricia's Art on October 11, 2009
About the Video: A Tribute to Susan's new album.

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Up To The Mountain
By Patty Griffin
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tumbleweed commented on October 19, 2009
Another morning. Lovely to enjoy Patricia. What about Susan and her foreshadowed hour-long Christmas show? More boxes of tissues I think for us all! Love to all, Mary.
Cookiezzz commented on October 19, 2009
Hi Pat, Just drop in to say hello!! Hope all is well. Much love!!! Ciao, Cookie
Bluebell Butterfly commented on October 19, 2009
Lovely.Thank You.Very Enjoyable.
diane a commented on October 17, 2009
Susan has such a range in her voice, every song just sounds magnificent
a fan from thailand commented on October 15, 2009
It is really a great Patricia's Art! Thanks. And of course SB will make this song hers.
someone who cares commented on October 14, 2009
Thanks for posting this song Patricia. This was the one song I hadn't heard before out of the list Susan has on her first CD.
smile commented on October 14, 2009
Thank you Patricia... this is so moving, can't wait to hear Susan sing this song, our hearts will soar.....when she gives it her special touch as only she can. I know that her whole album will be fabulous, but this song, there's just something about it...she will knock it out of the park. Also think of a live performance! Wow!! God Bless. Love you Susan...xxxx Score 10.
tumbleweed commented on October 14, 2009
Score 10. (Wednesday here in Australia and loving all the beauty posted by Patricia, Tommy and so many clever fans. Susan has certainly endowed us with the beauty of her voice and soul to inspire the video talent we enjoy so much.) Score 10.
Diane Wheldrake commented on October 14, 2009
Beautiful video Patricia. Susan has certainly arrived in the valley over the mountains. So happy for her now and for her future happiness. Can't wait for her CD.
whiskers commented on October 14, 2009
Patricia, this video is beyond beautiful. I love this song and cannot wait to hear Susan sing it, and I join others who think she will make it her own. Score 10
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