Tribute To Susan Boyle... I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables by Branden James
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John V.
Submitted By: John V. on May 20, 2009
About the Video: brandenjames wrote: I was so inspired this week by watching the clips of Susan Boyle from Britain's Got Talent that I felt led to pay tribute to her. This is "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Miserables which she performed on the show. To me, it is a sign of the future of the world-- that someone who so clearly missed the boat and does not look the part can be accepted and revered in historic numbers. We are a changing people and our world will become a better place. Enjoy everyone!
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jtl commented on December 25, 2009
Thankyou John for sharing your beautiful tribute to Susan. You have a very good voice, and i know you are helping make this world a better place. Don't give up your beautiful gift, most of all don't give you your beautiful heart.
pfe commented on September 10, 2009
Thank you Jonh for your post and for contributing to make this world a better place.All the best
margiemc commented on June 06, 2009
Thank you for sharing your beautiful tribute to Susan Boyle. It's lovely!!!
ammo commented on May 26, 2009
Beautiful. Everyone deserves to realize their dream.
dove commented on May 22, 2009
dove from philippines, i love this music very much its soak deep entire my whole being,In audition of susan i injoy looking at her while she was in ant and deck so and go on stage to be be interview, i hate simon when he roll his eyes and mock her,when she open her mouth for the tone its like magic all turn to cheers and applaud till the end of the song she sung, i pause and think , ohhh its GOD WILL to exalted, simon and susan is intrument of His Will suan represent for His kindness that never ceases and love,while simon represent for the people now a days that so many evil desire and not worthy to God's sight simon as human being like us created by God too sudden change his image of being rude to be nice,
GueroMex commented on May 21, 2009
3 "yes" ....awesome!
lotsaluck commented on May 21, 2009
Just listening to my favourites, as it's early in the morning, and noticed the pic of 'the sacred heart' behind you. Love is always there!!!! Lotsaluck.
susanaddict commented on May 21, 2009
10. Great tribute. Well done. Thank you.
Lovin' Every Minute! commented on May 20, 2009
Beautiful sentiment, beautifully done. Thanks for posting.
Godscre commented on May 20, 2009
Like your profile - 47 and that's just one side of you! Nice to hear you. For a more compassionate world-- May all beings have peace.
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