Deadline Scotland, The Susan Boyle Story - Part Five - 5/29/09
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Submitted By: Anonymous on May 29, 2009
About the Video: WATCH the our special Britains Got Talent feature on the remarkable rise of Scotlands fastest-rising star: Susan Boyle.

In the run-up to Saturdays live final, Deadline Scotland is charting the life of Britains most amazing talent all this week The Susan Boyle Story, Every Day, 6.30pm GMT.
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SouthernHeart commented on September 21, 2009
How wonderful that Susan has put that tiny little village in Scotland on the map! Good for you, Susan!
leonina -Australia commented on July 12, 2009
waiting for part 6.Hurry up...not having news of her is killing me softly.
Debp commented on June 22, 2009
Glad to hear Susan's mail will get to her....even addressed to "the singer", Scotland!! I plan to address mine to Susan Boyle, Blackburn, West Lothian, Scotland, UK.
camisu11 commented on June 16, 2009
part six should update the count to over 200 million on YouTube.
Lovin' Every Minute! commented on June 12, 2009
Terrific. Thanks for posting these.
lucky4me commented on June 12, 2009
Thanks to whoever has provided this series on Susan. I have read each of them and look forward to the continuation. It is good that Susan has touched so many hearts. This world is a better place because she is in it. Score the whole series a 10
Ammie commented on June 12, 2009
Have they made the continuation of this video yet?
Ethanlovessusan commented on June 12, 2009
No doubts this is the BESt Susan Boyle fan site ! :) love you Susan
LucyB commented on June 12, 2009
So nice to have here all together. And the "To be continued" at the end of part 5 means that there's more DELIGHT ahead of us!!
heyJude5 commented on June 11, 2009
score: 10
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