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Submitted By: TommyUSA on June 08, 2009
About the Video: YOU MADE IT SUSAN!!!!

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mp41&gap commented on June 21, 2009
Not impossible. She is a big star already. However, one dream remains: to sing for the Queen. May it be so.
tom14tom16 commented on June 17, 2009
Susan you are incredible , no word can discribe it , your voice , your personality , it touch millios of people you song talk to my soul and make me feel god, and now I see life and see people in differente way , so special . We love you Susan.
Jeana commented on June 14, 2009
Great one, Tommy. We are so proud of Susan. She could sing this song very well, and move millions with it.
Elmie commented on June 11, 2009
Wishing you all the best, Tommy, on your new job down south! And wow! thanks for this video! Every bit of work you and others put in is a breeze of freshness to this beautiful site! I wish Susan will soon find out about us (does she now?) and she'll have an idea of how much she is loved by us. Thanks once again, Tommy! Warmest wishes from down-under Western Australia, Elmie Yan
Allikat commented on June 10, 2009
Okaaaaay--so the singers here were a few American Idol winners and a runner-up finalist then. I knew I'd heard them all somewhere before. That would explain all the R&B riffs. I couldn't get the video's buffering to 'behave'­;, so the clip kinda stopped and started a lot. It's another 'fun' video though, and I really do hope Susan will consider recording a rather 'straighter­' version of this song. I really love the images used of Susan. I know she wasn't exactly 'happy' the night of her Finals performance, but she looked sensational in that gown and I honestly thought her hairstyle that night perfectly framed her face. All that was 'lacking­9; (and hopefully may appear at some time in the future) was a real diamond choker-style necklace (instead of the gold one). But it was her performance itself that night which really glistened, even though she'd removed a verse of the song.
calford commented on June 10, 2009
Score 10+..AAWWEESSOO­MMEEE! Tommy, you are the best. God Bless you and our Susan and our wonderful Village!
fossilbarb commented on June 10, 2009
Yes, the photos are superb!
WAMcKinley commented on June 10, 2009
Would have preferred a different version of this,----something closer to the way Susan might sing it. The photo accompaniment, of course, is superb!
fossilbarb commented on June 10, 2009
Gee Tom, I don't come here to listen to noise! Thanks
TommyUSA commented on June 10, 2009
Hi again everyone... thank you for your comments...I appreciate it very much.....fossil­barb, I made this video as a request for someone on the site...they seemed to like this version a lot..... and you are right...there are many different versions of this ... I am sure you can find them on a shelf at Wal-Mart..... Blessings All, Tommy
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