Susan's BGT Performance And Results (9min 27sec)
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Submitted By: TommyUSA on May 26, 2009
About the Video: This is Susan's performance with the results tacked on to the
end of the clip..... So you don't have to watch 2 seperate videos.
IT'S ALL HERE!!! : )
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dove commented on May 30, 2009
rated score 10
camisu11 commented on May 29, 2009
I keep playing the end of this video where Susan shimmies and especially to Piers. The smiles on Ant & Dec's faces are also priceless. These are the some of moments to remember!
Dusky commented on May 28, 2009
Tommy you are the best friend on this earth. You give your heart and soul to keep SUSANS FANS happy. This is a great fan site I've ever seen. Congratulations­. If we got the chance to vote how wonderful that would be for our lovely talented Susan. We must all unite in prayer just as her name is being called at the finals. Amanda wishes that Susan sings I DREAMED A DREAM but DOES NOT WIN on an interview!!! Upsetting eh! I heard that Susan fell on back stage during the rehearsal, that's why she looked serious and scared and trembled a bit. Bless you Susan.
Sweet Marie commented on May 28, 2009
LOL, I just realized that I've never joined a fan site before, this is a first. It took Susan Boyle to turn me into a fan ;)
Sweet Marie commented on May 28, 2009
I am another American filled with admiration for Susan Boyle. I went to a local Chinese grocery store, and on the covers of the Chinese and Korean language newspapers, there was Susan Boyle! She has touched the hearts of all people, it seems. I wish you the best, Susan. Your voice and your song touches my heart.
DANNYG. commented on May 28, 2009
Patriciasart, and the rest of you, I just posted some thoughts on the Roses for Susan site and Tommy's new video site about about how Susan is being treated. When I got on this site this morning and saw fore slime continuing I was very upset. I just do not understand why she is not being more protected. I agree wholeheartedly that Piers, even in his defense of her, and even the complimentary things all the judges say, still are patronizing. And that is doubtless because in spite of what a lovely person she is and her great voice, they really still feel that way, like she is somehow a lesser person. I really hate it. And I hate feeling helpless to counteract it in the public eye, and in Susan's feelings. She needs, except for rehearsals, to have space and quiet time. I am getting scared that they will all upset her to the point of not being able to perform at her best Saturday. I wish I could reach out and touch her and tell her, these scum are nothing, less than nothing. You are beautiful inside and out, you are wonderful. We do not pressure or ask or expect. We just want to share time with you and, if you will, the gift of your voice. I was thinking last night. We all want cds, dvds, tours, all that. Maybe when this started Susan never thought about all that. Maybe, her goal has only been to win at each level so she could sing for the Queen, altho she did say she would like to be as successful as Elaine Page. So maybe she has wanted all that, but all this craziness may make her feel now she wants no part of it. I wish we could send someone over to be her guardian angel.
mtrvrpoet commented on May 28, 2009
Tommy, thank you. This video has touched me more than any of the others. I, too, have been chewing nails at the ugliness that people have thrown at Susan. Ol' Dan, I was out moving horses to different pastures today. I shoulda hopped on one of them & told the rest to come on - we have a posse to ride!! Susan needs our support. Though, seeing Susan's fun humor, she'd probably hop on one of the four-footeds & ride herd w/ us laughing all the way! I have felt those daggers way too many times in my life & mostly from the men - not gentlemen! - who are about as deep as a drop of water. There needs to be more gentleman cowboys out there! It seems to be a lost art! And you are NOT old everyone. My 99 & 10 month old grandmother died eternally young - her body jus wore out. A GREAT BIG THANK YOU & A TIP OF MY HAT TO TOMMY & OL' DAN FOR STANDING UP FOR THE LADY SUSAN & THE OTHER LADIES IN THIS WORLD! I MEAN THAT FROM THE DEEPEST PART OF WHO I AM! I thought my dad was the only gentleman left. I know Susan will be brought a special man when it is time.... HUGS, Gentlemen!!
281165 commented on May 27, 2009
Not "line"­; but link
281165 commented on May 27, 2009
Please, open your browser twice and type the line correctly in the second browser to open the page. The link here does not work.
Veneta commented on May 27, 2009
TommyUSA, thank you for all you make here. You are a cool boy! Score: 10
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