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Kerstin, Sweden
Submitted By: Kerstin, Sweden on June 30, 2009
About the Video: britains got talent tour 2009!

Just watch the start - supposedly from Bournemouth.... at first I thought it was a fake!!
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Patricia's Art commented on July 01, 2009
I don't think you can judge Susan's performance by this video recording. It distorts her voice. The sound is just as distorted as the picture.
someone who cares commented on June 30, 2009
I could hear that Susan was having trouble at the beginning supporting her notes. I believe it would help if the queue of the music should be fuller - more instruments playing - so Susan won't be hesitant at hitting those first notes. I also would love to hear Susan crescendo on her last word Begun. I think that would be more exciting of an ending and would showcase her voice more than singing it softly and backing away from the microphone and fading off. Just a suggestion for Susan. I know she has the ability to sing anything and do it well. Continues best wishes for your success Susan. -M
Kerstin, Sweden commented on June 30, 2009
Yes, this poor (but funny - because of how Susan silenced the audience before started singning) video is indeed from Bournemouth...
Nancee commented on June 30, 2009
Bournemouth, 26/06/2009 ?
mckat1149 commented on June 30, 2009
the 3 stars I gave this video was for the video not for Susan the quality was poor and even the sound wasn't good but boy do they love her in! fantastic...! And I wonder why she never got any flowers during the whole tour...? I think BGT is very cheap to not do that for her after she made money for them! A female professional singer always gets a bouquet of flowers shame on them! well she should be done with the tour now and hopefully can start making her plans to come to America where we know how to do it Kat Florida
Kerstin, Sweden commented on June 30, 2009
It's Wembley alright - the late show (not the matinée)
elang commented on June 30, 2009
I think this is not webley because she did the arm motion then the rewind motion the asked if she could start again then said I love you to her fan before they got started again
Kerstin, Sweden commented on June 30, 2009
Search for Susan Boyle Wembley upright 06/21/2009 Memory - I Dreamed A Dream
monaid commented on June 30, 2009
Which vdo is the one from Wembley where she missed her cue? I haven't been able to find it again.
Linda Sharon commented on June 30, 2009
That's whatcha call bringin the house down. Notice the depth of the cheering when she hits ' Touch me it's so easy to leave me' part of the song. Thrilling. And the cheering when she comes on stage is wonderful. And her signals to cool it so she can hear - that's our Susan. What a thrilling performer! Love hugs and prayers to Susan - the world's sweetheart -...
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