Susan Boyle's Ugly Betty cameo off
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Submitted By: Patricia's Art on July 01, 2009
About the Video: Ugly Betty bosses reportedly confirm Susan Boyle won't appear on the show.. Follow us on twitter at
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bluewren commented on July 05, 2009
You said it exactly WAMcKinley.They just don't think they just bleet to get mindless attention.Susan Boyle is destined for better things than that.Well I hope so anyway.
sassyone commented on July 02, 2009
You got to remember, that the stupid tabloids started this stupid rumour. i've never watched the show, so I can't say if it's a bad choice or good choice but these days The Sun will say anything about her because they've got nothing on her. She's staying out of the media, her people really are working over time in keeping her locations secret, and they're not letting the paps near her. I'm also glad that everyone has a rest day (but then again they have to fly back to Brimmingham after the Belfast show. Just 5 more shows and it's over. WWEEEEE!
#1USAfan commented on July 01, 2009
I know lots of people here are happy Susan won't be on Ugly Better, but I must say that I'm disappointed. I love Susan and I love Ugly Betty, the 2 together would have been wonderful...lik­e chocolate and peanut butter makes Reeses Peanut Butter Cups! But thanks patriciasart for answering the question and helping to put an end to that rumor.
julieoffutt commented on July 01, 2009
That's good news to me! Sorry to those of you who are disappointed. I think Susan will have many better choices.
gentlerain commented on July 01, 2009
....and what were they THINKING?!!! NOT!!!!! thinking!
camisu11 commented on July 01, 2009
NOT!!!!!!!!!!!i­s right. It never ends does it!
WAMcKinley commented on July 01, 2009
Oh, yeah. THAT would have been a perfect vehicle for Susan! ......RIGHT!!..­................­................­............... NOT!!!!!!!!--------- What the heck were they thinking even SUGGESTING such a thing??!!
Patricia's Art commented on July 01, 2009
Well we know for sure. Boy the rumors sure fly around Susan