ITN - Susan Boyle talks bullying - 11/17/09
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Submitted By: Anonymous on November 17, 2009
About the Video: itn wrote: Susan Boyle reveals she was bullied at school by teachers and classmates. The star is preparing her debut album release.
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PurplePassion commented on November 30, 2009
Susan now you can show those bullies what you are made of Pure Sweet Angelic Angel God has sent you to us. Those bullies ought to be ashamed of themselves. Bullied NO MORE!! The world is standing by you. Your gentleness, kindness and so much faith and hope that has you going, and yes your Dream is coming true each day those who hear you sing your sweet Angelic voice. And yes you are a fighter!! Do not changed for anyone for any purpose.
Kittyangels commented on November 21, 2009
Just more proof of her pure heart. It is obviously her faith that helped her to step out and face possible ridicule. From the first we saw her, it was obvious she had a strong faith in her God and faith in her gift that gave her a confidence in spite of peoples first reactions. She also showed a great sense of humour, acceptance, and forgiveness.She has a beautiful, kind warm heart. There is a vulnerability about her, but, there is also a calm inner strength that is evident in her. She has shown us that she is a surviver and a fighter. These are all qualities we admire and she is very charming, down to earth and not afraid to be herself and most of all not afraid to be human.
Biggfan commented on November 21, 2009
Miss Susan, you are an inspiration and a guiding light. Hugs, from Colorado, USA
Naffe commented on November 19, 2009
Greetings from Finland. HM The Queen always deserves the best. When will Lady Susan sing for her.
lucky4me commented on November 17, 2009
Susan is AGAIN a perfect example of God's Gifts to each of us. She has always somehow has felt His presence in her life. She expresses her experiences without bitterness. She is beautiful inside and out. Her voice is a gift she has suffered to share with us. I pray that her dream coming true will take away all her hurts. Those who treated her badly will have their time of regret. Prehaps some of her peers can still make amends somehow. Wish I could suggest that they could apoligize even though it can't change the past.
aunty R commented on November 17, 2009
Wow!!!!What a wonderful woman. She is the spokes person for the ones left behind. She is certainly ahead of all those who felt themselves better than her. You are truly a lady Susan. You proved we all can make it if we believe in our selves. Love you Susan.
PaulaMarie commented on November 17, 2009
Children with learning disabilities can achieve great heights if supported by family and teachers. Too bad they didn't know that in Susan's day. But now she's finally made it! I'm so happy for her.
jaja commented on November 17, 2009
bestisahead commented on November 17, 2009
Isn't it sad that not that long ago children were treated in this deplorable manner at school. No wonder Susan had a nightmare of her school years. I think it took courage for her to speak out, and I am sure she has raised awareness in her hometown and worldwide that this isn't o.k. - ever!
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