Susan Boyle talks about how her life has changed
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Submitted By: laimelady on April 21, 2009
About the Video: She's got fans outside her house and millions of internet supporters- but overnight mega star Susan Boyle says she's not changed.
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ammo commented on May 31, 2009
I've just come across this posting - after the finals. She came in 2nd as we know by now...but she FIRST in millions of hearts around the world. The interviewer says that time will tell if Susan changes WHEN and IF she wins....It doesn't matter about the winning. Susan will be working, I think, long after the great young dancers start their careers...wheth­er it be in the arts or whatever they do. In my experience...wi­th my girls and their friends...some were burned out by their late teens..Some when to performing arts colleges....som­e chose other careers. A number were too hasty for fame...and when it didn't come overnight...the­y quit. My one daughter is still in the arts....paying her dues and working hard. Susan's has well payed her dues....she has no ties and will be able to travel wherever and whenever she wishes to. The world is her oyster and I'll be following her closely as most of her true fans will be.....Anne-Marie
kyJoe commented on April 22, 2009
Over Night Sensation "A Star Is Born" Period! Miss Boyle does'nt have to prove anything to anyone anymore. Celebrity Status has been Acheived. The world awaits "The Susan Boyle CD"