Britain's Got Talent, 'You'll See' - 5/12/12
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Submitted By: TommyUSA on May 13, 2012
About the Video: Susan Boyle sings 'You'll See' on Britain's Got Talent Final - 2012

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Selimron commented on October 01, 2012
I believe Susan did this just for Simon. Boost the ratings perhaps?
Rita De Genova commented on June 24, 2012
Susan singing you'll see~ well She had to prove a point and susan sure did, what a powerhouse performance and now they all see~~~Susan you give your fans so much pleasure,you are like no other~~` Susan, sister, Friend~~~~```
Nani Dutamas commented on June 24, 2012
Susan...your voice makes all people all over the world wake up to do the best are wonderful..if you sing like in heaven..remind me that keep trying and trying is like a dream but dreaming sometime will come true as you did! Love you Susan! Score : 10+
Rita De Genova commented on June 10, 2012
What a Beautiful performance by our Susan Boyle ,No matter what the song, Susan makes it sound brand new with her interpretation of the song she sings!!! Unbelieveable talent, like no other!!!
MaryM commented on June 06, 2012
Susan, you are wonderful and your singing is heavenly. God Bless you and God Bless your mother for telling you that you must try to make your dream of singing come true. Love you Susan.
frankie5845 commented on May 30, 2012
Susan you never fail to make my day & my life a better place! You were blessed with a gift that not only touched so many people's lives, but changed them for the better! God Bless you, Lisa I rate this video a 10+
MaryM commented on May 23, 2012
Susan you have such a gift. I love your singing. God Bless you.
MaryM commented on May 23, 2012
MaryM commented on May 23, 2012
Susan you are gods gift to us. I love your singing
rainy2hs commented on May 21, 2012
Susan you look so happy!I wish you all the best and you're voice is a blessing from God.
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