Susan Boyle sings "Who I Was Born To Be" a visual interpretation
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Submitted By: mirthincolorado on May 09, 2010
About the Video: Susan Boyle performs wonderfully sings "Who I Was Born To Be" this is a visual interpretation.
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rev01 commented on February 01, 2011
This is the most beautiful song. Susan's voice is so pure and perfect. This is the perfect song for her and she sings it beautifully.
Nan commented on November 26, 2010
Awe inspiring and uplifting. Such a simple, beautiful woman!!
nana commented on November 08, 2010
loved your voice for all who torched you as a child I hope they are regretting the hurt they put you through, Ms. Boyle you are beautiful from the very first day you appeared on T.V.good luck forever
MarishAllen commented on September 17, 2010
Irene commented on September 11, 2010
What a feel good person and the songs she sings. Literally lifted my depression. I listen to her every day
elvasam commented on July 22, 2010
She is so beautiful.
goofy1947 commented on July 09, 2010
This is absolutely beautiful, what a great video
soniam commented on June 12, 2010
Beautifull!!! Score 10++++
123sjakie154 commented on May 29, 2010
beautifull done espessialy the questionmarks in the clouds loved the video with this great song greetings xx jacqueline
mirthincolorado commented on May 29, 2010
susan-boyle; Well I accept your critic and i am sorry to hear that you do not care for the video, but you have to love this song that Susan performs, there is nothing at all embarrassing nor cliche in her singing. Thank you for your response, though, you are honest in your evaluation of it, so I appreciate that! Thank you
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