ITN - Haiti song and intruder scare - 1/27/10
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Submitted By: TommyUSA on January 27, 2010
About the Video: itn wrote: Star lays down vocals for song to help relief efforts, but has a nasty shock at home.
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buckeyegirl commented on January 30, 2010
What a beautiful person Susan is. I hope she doesnt have to move from her beloved home because of that intruder.
Digi commented on January 29, 2010
My gosh I love your voice. When are you touring close to Oklahoma City, OK? I WILL BE THERE. When are you cutting another CD
lore commented on January 28, 2010
You're so positive Be Safe Susan Love you!!!
Linda Sharon commented on January 28, 2010
Hey on second thought we need the "Home Alone' kid to come and rig her house up.
Linda Sharon commented on January 28, 2010
I guess the friends they spoke of didn't hear this very steadfast woman say she was NOT moving. I think she handled herself very well in that interview.
SWEET TEA commented on January 28, 2010
Susan is so humble. I would imagine that little home in Scotland looks and feels pretty good to come home to, and to just let her hair down and crash for awhile after being out on the road, out of her country, flying here and there, meeting with big shots (none are bigger than her of course)... yes, home is good. I wonder if she takes Pebbles on the road with her. I'm thankful to God that He looks after her safety. The guy who broke in to her home was probably looking for valuables. No matter; he had no business being there. I believe she will really help sell the Haiti relief cd... and it's good of her to do this. She has a good heart.
tumbleweed commented on January 28, 2010
Blessings to Susan; her inclusion on the track for Haiti victim appeal will bring thousands more to purchase the c.d. [There are many firms available to instal intruder protection alarms I'm sure in Scotland -- Australia has plenty I know! Perhaps our forefathers have a bearing on this!! (No offence meant compatriots!)
whiskers commented on January 27, 2010
Thanks Tommy, Susan is humble and gracious in giving to others. Score 10
aunty R commented on January 27, 2010
Simon could not have gotten a better person in Susan to do her track on the c.d., I know I am looking forward to hearing something new from Susan. I feel Susan's safety is of the most important even though the home she lived in from a child is the best place for her to live and relax. Her new life may dictate for her safety and the safety of others around her she may have to move. Love you Miss Susan
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