BGT Tour, Bournemouth, 'Memory', 'I Dreamed a Dream' - 7/5/09
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Kerstin, Sweden
Submitted By: Kerstin, Sweden on August 07, 2009
About the Video: As the MC said, "Bournemouth go crazy - for the One and Only Susan Boyle". Original footage of Memory, Dream, and curtain call.

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DORIE commented on November 10, 2009
She's a 10 whatever she signs
remi commented on September 18, 2009
Susan Boyle is pure. I hope she will stay the person like she is now, her self. A voice to be proud of.
snipperjay commented on August 25, 2009
Certainly didn't mean to give a 1....Susan is a 10 to me!!!!!!!!!
snipperjay commented on August 25, 2009
I love all the tours. Have heard Susan will be coming to the U.S. in Nov. Does anyone have any idea where we can find the tour schedule? would appreciate any info.
jaja commented on August 22, 2009
I not see this video before. Very much thank for posting.Score:1­0
DocRobbie commented on August 15, 2009
This video was created by Inanna, one of our members, who has also uploaded videos of several other performances by Susan in her YouTube channel: http://www.yout­­nna7
matty commented on August 15, 2009
Good quality sound and picture...can&#­39;t wait to see mini-DV recording when ready. Wonderful to see her growth as an artiste and her emergence as a SWAN!! Score 10.
Jeaniegirl commented on August 15, 2009
She needs to stay close to her true identity and not let others tell her how she should look. She will never be greater than her first performance, in looks and singing. She was at her purest state, please Susan don't let others control you.
treesmary commented on August 14, 2009
The sound is great. Thanks, Kerstin.
SANDRA MARIE commented on August 09, 2009
is ok ...just hearing her sing is a treat...thanks for this...great