Susan Boyle leaves America
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Submitted By: Anonymous on September 18, 2009
About the Video: Haricornflake wrote: Susan Boyle leaving the USA after her triumphant appearance on America's Got Talent. 16 September 2009.
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favorite commented on September 23, 2009
Be happy. We adore you.
onlykaty commented on September 21, 2009
What a sweetheart Susan is..Come back and see us again soon Susan we love ya..
Bluebell Butterfly commented on September 21, 2009
The Diva Susan,as shes known in the USA,,Great,Susa­n must have one of the largest fan sites in the WORLD,,,Here in Australia they think they are superstars to have 200 fans.Susan looked very relaxed..Hopefu­lly she might visit Australia.S ,sever down again..very busy!!!!!! Score 10
ammo commented on September 20, 2009
Tania, I think my French is good enough to be able to agree with would be very happy to be her assistant??? Moi aussi!! I hadn't realized that Susan was going to be USA for such a brief visit....and she fit so much in....Come on now...the suitcases shown...were the ones we saw when she arrived.....the gifts she bought must have been elswewhere. Do we 'really'­; believe that Susan needed ALL of those suitcases for a WEEK....Not to be a 'party pooper'....­but I am sure Susan had a wonderful time and I can't wait to get her CD delivered......­the 'gobble-de-goop'...I&#­39;m not sure WHAT to believe anymore.....But it's all good clean fun. :)
smile commented on September 19, 2009
Please come back soon Susan....
Linda Sharon commented on September 19, 2009
Ya there's so much buzz after she performs that the wake of it would be a good time to sell C.D.s so you'd think she'd be back just before the release date. And who knows she may be. I mean there was very little notice about the AGT visit so more good things ahead cos Simon and Sony aren't stupid and know how to market a C.D. So come to Canada too Susan when you come back!
Madame Butterfly commented on September 19, 2009
She is so lovely. I have heard The wild Horses many times i just a couple days and I can't get enough.
aunty R commented on September 19, 2009
Susan have a safe trip home, come back soon.
janeaa commented on September 19, 2009
#10 Marvelous perfomance as Guest on "America&#­39;s Got Talent". We in USA are already awaiting your return to US. Sure hope that you enjoyed your 'all to short' visit with us, Susan.
Falcon commented on September 19, 2009
Lady Susan, Sorry the visit was so short. America needs your uplifting right about now, but I understand. So does the world. Your God giving talent could bring kings, queens, and tyrants to their knees. Can't wait for your CD...
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