Shanghai Press Conference, Susan learns Mandarin - 7/8/11
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Submitted By: Anonymous on July 09, 2011
About the Video: Susan's much anticipated arrival in Shanghai, China went over very well and will be singing and participating in "China's Got Talent" - Season 2 finale on 10 Jul 2011, Sunday. Susan looks fabulous in a Joyce Young (Scottish Designer) traditional inspired cheongsam outfit, which has a Scot meets East design. One of "China's Got Talent" judges was gracious in writing the review of the Chinese version of Susan's inspiring and witty autobiography, "The Woman I Was Born to Be," released in October 2010. Susan, the ever professional learned a little Mandarin Chinese to greet the locals in China, and did an earlier promo from her "Posh House" backyard in Blackburn, Scotland.
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sandi3 commented on July 11, 2011
So pleased to see Susan again, she looks happy and relaxed. Hope she stays with Joyce Young her outfits suit Susan. Lady in red. Love her.
Selimron commented on July 10, 2011
So good to see "Auntie Susan" looking so relaxed and confident.
Helen of Asia commented on July 10, 2011
So good to see Susan again! :-)