Susan Boyle is a nominee for the Grammy
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Submitted By: Chenando on February 13, 2011
About the Video: I ask all her fans to go to the Grammy Awards page and enroll so you can vote for her. Please pass this on and, hello my friends, I am back!
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pretty@55 commented on February 26, 2011
Good to see you again Chenando.
Sandrausa commented on February 19, 2011
Hello Chenando! So good to see and hear from you. The love for Susan is such a blessing for all of us. Thanks so much for the visit!!!!!!!!!!­!!
Linda Sharon commented on February 16, 2011
Hi Guy! Nice to see you once again! You were a wonderful part of our community and you were missed. Welcome back! And you're right - she is something else - something wonderful. keep laughing that wonderful laugh.
Marie Ursula commented on February 15, 2011
It's so good to see you again, Chenando, now that the video page is working again. Blessings to you.