Susan Boyle in the Netherlands
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Kerstin, Sweden
Submitted By: Kerstin, Sweden on March 03, 2010
About the Video: Royal Theater Carré in Amsterdam as guest star on Ivo Niehe & friends.
Broadcasted on RTL Boulevard NL on March 3rd 2010
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soniam commented on March 27, 2010
http://www.yout­­ZS2auoVpp_o Susan interviev-nasladuje cat voice
bluewren commented on March 08, 2010
Beautiful theatre and I would say Susan liked being there.Couldn­9;t understand the language but got the gist of it and thanks for the run down harpello. A very nice and appreciative man too I could tell he was a man who understands quality a man of discernment. Unlike some others I could mention in another country I will refrain from naming.Oh but some of them do make my blood boil.
SWEET TEA commented on March 07, 2010
Couldn't understand a word they said, but you can tell Susan is still GOB-SMACKING everyone, including me. Actually she's beautiful in any language.
harpello commented on March 06, 2010
Ivo Niehe is not only a TV host and interviewer, he also puts on shows in the biggest theatre in Amsterdam. When he interviewed Susan in her home in Blackburn a few weeks ago, he showed her pictures of the theatre and asked her if she'd like to sing there. She said yes - without asking managers or producers. Ivo says he was worried about filling the theatre, and thought Susan would get people in. But the show sold out anyway. So he kept her performance as a surprise, only telling the programme "Boulevard­" at the last moment. He says it was her first live performance on TV and she was very nervous. But things went wonderfully well. HA
susanaddict commented on March 05, 2010
The producer asked her to sing in his show on the last night and she said, without talking to the managers or anyone, YES. And she ws just fantastic. He had thought to use her to sell out his show but it was already sold out. She was fantastic! As always! 10
soniam commented on March 05, 2010
cudny głos. Score:10+
Selimron commented on March 04, 2010
I have no idea what was said but I do know that Susan snuck in and out of The Netherlands without anyone know. I suppose she just felt like singing IDAD again!!
aunty R commented on March 04, 2010
What ever they said, Oh boy do I agree, the singer is great. Way to go Susan that was some theater to sing in.
virginia UK commented on March 04, 2010
Susan is just sooooo fantastic, beautiful and Wonderful
jaja commented on March 04, 2010
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