Susan Boyle discussion on The Alan Titchmarsh Show
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Submitted By: Anonymous on December 10, 2009
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Jbright9 commented on December 20, 2009
I agree entirely with the sentiment of stopping the snipeing by the media and letting Susan get on with it. Good to hear such supportive comments.
lore commented on December 12, 2009
I Adore susan Boyle I Pray someone posts the whole show from TV guide this sunday her & youtube thank uo
bgad commented on December 11, 2009
From Oregon USA--I agree: Good on you Susan!!!!
matty commented on December 11, 2009
Alan has always been very supportive of Susan. He would be an excellent choice for an interview with Susan..very kind and perceptive man, with an good sense of humour. He would certainly put her at her ease and I suspect they share the same sense of humour! Love to all.xxxx. Score =10.
whiskers commented on December 10, 2009
Well spoken words. Score 10
leonina -Australia commented on December 10, 2009
Nice and they remember Judy Dench's birthday! My two favourites Ladies...