Pride Of Britain Awards, 'A Perfect Day' - 11/10/10
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Submitted By: sadie3lisa on February 07, 2011
About the Video: Susan Boyle performs at the Pride of Britain Awards, November 10th, 2010.

The MP.4 file is courtesy of pa1189, who graciously gave his consent for its use.
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Selimron commented on May 29, 2011
Susan Boyle is "The Pride of Britain"!
Ros. commented on May 03, 2011
Susan you take every song or hymn, and make it your own. Fantastic is all I can say.
Cookiezzz commented on April 29, 2011
Just divine!! Glad to see that all is well with you.
susanaddict commented on April 16, 2011
Love it. Just great! 10
CanadianBill commented on March 29, 2011