Susan Boyle answers fans' questions: Question 7 - 10/26/09
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Submitted By: Anonymous on November 13, 2009
About the Video: susanboylemusicuk wrote: Who was Susan blowing kisses to during her Wembley performance? Find out here....
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Ron 66713 commented on June 05, 2010
My dear sweet lady! A little charmer!! Score:10
Selimron commented on November 16, 2009
Lady Susan is playing with us again! She sure has a sense of Humor.
Superstein commented on November 15, 2009
She's pretty. Not sure why one would call her unsophisticated­. She is clearly a person of substance. Her interviews reveal a person who is uncommonly well-spoken, with a presence of mind and wit who has not confused her own self-worth with the pap that parades as worldliness these days. I, too, enjoy her music, her beautiful rich voice. That is what moves me to listen and to buy. SB in the Washington D.C.
pomsarepeople commented on November 15, 2009
I love her wit and when she winks! Very cute.
lynnc commented on November 14, 2009
What a tease! I just have to meet this woman. Sorry all you beautiful Susafans, but I'm winning that trip!
jaja commented on November 14, 2009
aunty R commented on November 14, 2009
It's nice to see the "cheeky little devil" Susan can be.
whiskers commented on November 13, 2009
So cute, Susan got "cheeky&qu­ot; with us on this one, love it. Score 10