Susan Boyle answers fans' questions: Question 5 - 10/26/09
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Submitted By: Anonymous on November 08, 2009
About the Video: susanboylemusicuk wrote: Part five of the series in which Susan answers questions that have been sent in by fans.
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ginger1 commented on November 10, 2009
I've pre-ordered 3 cd's and cant wait to receive and start to enjoy hat beautiful voice.....
pomsarepeople commented on November 09, 2009
How cute is she?
Jeana commented on November 09, 2009
Love the questions and answers from Susan. Hope she keeps this up! Thanks and Love to Susan and Susan fans!
pardonmeboy commented on November 09, 2009
Lovely! Me and my Gir-ul. In a number of parts of Scotland we add an extra vowel, as in gir-ul and fil-um. Brings back memories of how I used to speak. Sweet, sweet Susan.
lore commented on November 08, 2009
Love HER!