Susan Boyle VS Elaine Paige
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curly nan
Submitted By: curly nan on July 11, 2009
About the Video: Susan is up there with the highly talented
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ammo commented on July 19, 2009
I like the way she have put this clip together. To hear them side by side, so to speak...just makes my point.
ammo commented on July 19, 2009
I listen and know what I prefer....I agree they are different styles...I just prefer Susan's voice. It's not as 'harsh' as Elaines and I love the way Susan's version of the song, the way she sings it...seems to flow smoothly. I can't speak in musical terms like some....but Susan's voice gives me do some other voices....but not Elain's.
dmichael commented on July 15, 2009
susan rocks this song...........­handsdown. elaine who? lol paige words the song, susan SINGS the song...... now lets compare susan to streisand!!!!!!­!!! can we talk!!!
LuLu commented on July 15, 2009
These two should not be compared. Susan said she wanted to be as successful as Elaine, not sing like her! Elaine is a super talented lady of the stage and I enjoy her voice very much. Susan is also excellent, and with the right start could have been more successful that Elaine. IMHO
Selimron commented on July 14, 2009
Susan and Elaine have very different styles of the same song. Both are done well but I think Susan's is better.
DonAvery commented on July 14, 2009
What Susan actually and precisely said was: "a professional singer. Like Elaine Paige - or someone like that."
iceemimi commented on July 14, 2009
Well, first I like Susan's version better, and who the heck is Elaine Paige? I never heard of her before the magic question. So I am thinking Susan is bigger than Elaine Paige.
PWattis commented on July 14, 2009
I don't understand why some are now so touchy about comparing Susan to other singers. A very similar video to this one was posted back on April 29. I don't think it puts the other singer down, but raises Susan up. I don't think it reflects badly on Susan, because she isn't doing the comparing, her fans are. To be honest, I felt that some of Elaine's remarks about Susan were a bit condescending. I think it was Larry King that asked her about Susan changing her appearance. Elaine responded by saying to the effect that Susan is a country girl and she wouldn't want to go around a small town all glammed up. At the time I thought it a strange remark because Susan's future probably wasn't going to include just trapsing around Blackburn too much anymore. Turns out I was right, at least for now.
#1USAfan commented on July 14, 2009
They both have beautiful voices, but very different styles, so it's not easy to compare and say one is better than the other. That being said, my opinion is that Elaine's version is a more theatrical version of the song and so within the context of the play, it may be the better version. However, I think that listening to the song independent of the play, as they are here, Susan's version is much softer on the ear and more pleasant to listen to.
Misti in Seattle commented on July 13, 2009
To clarify my earlier comments... just to say I think BOTH Elaine and Susan are terrific singers and are not in competition with each other. Elaine has been very gracious and supportive of Susan and it would not surprise me to see them become wonderful friends. Elaine has a lot of professional experience which can be very valuable to Susan.
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