Amy Robach Interview (Today Show) - 10/18/11
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Submitted By: Anonymous on October 22, 2011
About the Video: Today Show correspondent Amy Robach has an "Exclusive Interview" with Susan on the Today show from her hometown in Blackburn, Scotland! Susan discusses her life, love, music, and her top three goals. We get glimpses of Susan's new Posh House juxtaposed with her familiar council house that she still lives in, her local shops, her playing her baby grand piano, and the Donny Osmond (AKA He-Man) cuddle blanket. More importantly, Susan discusses the importance her mother (parents) still holds in her life, her growing confidence, and that she still maintains her humbleness and normalcy. Susan says her top three achievable goals are: "to keep going, to keep getting better at what she's doing, and to make people happy." Her success so far has garnered her over 15 million albums sold worldwide since her very successful debut album, I Dreamed A Dream in 2009. Susan will be releasing her 3rd album, "Someone To Watch Over Me," November 1, 2011 in the US. Susan will also be back on the Today Show to sing a song from her new album, "Someone To Watch Over Me," LIVE on November 2, 2011. Watch this in "Big View" at 720p:
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