Susan Boyle (TRIBUTE)
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Submitted By: Anonymous on September 07, 2009
About the Video: acmurphy2009 wrote: I made this tribute to Susan Boyle because she is a great singer. My favorite song she sang was "I Dreamed a Dream". The song on this video is California Girls from Gretchen Wilson. ENJOY!!!!!
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someone who cares commented on September 07, 2009
That was fun. I agree with the sentiment. I am; however, a California girl and have been for neigh under 48 years. Happily I grew up in this small town in the foothills and have never been enamored with the Hollywood circus. I much prefer Charlie Daniels, the Oakridge boys, and Susan Boyle to the typical Hollywood types making headlines for this or that... I do love many types of music from classical, jazz, swing, rock, country, pop,... I hope Susan will venture in to all areas of music. She can reinivgorate the music industry.
jaja commented on September 07, 2009
john1234 commented on September 07, 2009
The video of California Girls is the the American country music that Susan will very much appreciate when she tours the USA.
ishkamarie commented on September 07, 2009
This definitely a 10. Love it, but I love Paris Hilton. Not as much as Susan though.
Selimron commented on September 07, 2009
Very nice Tribute for our Lady Susan.