Got Talent Probe???
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ammo commented on June 11, 2009
ArielAZ sorry to­#39;s not the British culture...Have you travelled and met people from other cultures....obs­erved how THEY (generalizing now, which I hate to do) how they treat each other. Sorry, but it DOES happen where you live....unless you lead a sheltered life. Don't want to argue but wanted to give MY opinion too. We just can't­d you would be surprised as to how many people in Britain don't even know who Susan Boyle is, even today. Comments on the video....maybe he will have changed some of his comments over a week later....Susan is NOW being looked after very well...thank goodness....
lttlesis commented on June 06, 2009
I agree 100%. If, as Amanda says, BGT takes "very good care of the contestants'­;, why was our Susan left alone to fight off the wolves (media)? NEVER should she have been alowed to go home alone! She was a complete innocent and had NO idea of how to handel the crowds and the wolves (media). BGT deserted her! She was not given instuctions or advice. Just "so back home with your head held high, you have 3 yes's' according to Simon Cowell. The sensation of this century was told to go home? Alone? Without anyone media savy to help her out? To protect her? Of course she's going to flip out at the tabloid reporters. We all would have done the same. Me, I would have told them to "GET OFF MY BACK AND LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!"­. Susan did just this but in a little stronger way :). I agree with those who've commented that she's not mentally ill. SHE'S EXHUSTED PEOPLE. SHE'S DISAPPOINTED, SHE'S DISMAYED, SHE'S HURT, AND SHE'S AFRAID SHE WON'T HAVE A CAREER SINCE SHE CAME IN 2ND. I am just sooo sick of reading over and over again how she has 'learning problems, she flipped out and screemed at the reporters and police, she's shy, she's mentally ill, she did this and said that'. Why didn't the police pull those reporters off? Why did Susan have to tell them herself? It seems that in reality, the only ones who really care about her are her family and friends at home and those of us who are in truth, her fans. SUSAN: Chin up, sholders back, and go out and get your dream.
bluewren commented on June 05, 2009
I do not know that that is all true I have no way of knowing it for sure but in anycase there is only one thing we can do now and that is put our money where our mouth is put in an order on for her Album.Ot where ever. So far the turn out for that is so small it is embarressing as if the Susan Boyle detractors are going to be correct.Her Internet supporters don't count they got free viewing and it is unlikey that any of them will pay to hear her sing either on her CD's or her Album let alone in concert. This is the one concrete thing that can be done to support Susan at this stage as i see it all the rest is just so much hot air. We can ensure that her dream of making her own Album and having a singing career does not die on the vine.
kittycat commented on June 03, 2009
Maybe this is true. I think the only true friend she had on the BGT was Piers. Amanda, could have cared less, seemed like she was jealous of Susan. I think Amanda better watch her p's and q's if she is doing the "early morning show" because we can make her swim back across the pond. America loves Susan not Amanda Holden. Susan will live her dream and we as American's need to make sure she is protect from these monsters. (media) We have to demand respect for Susan while she is in America. Susan will conquer all evil, God is on her side.
anna_california commented on June 03, 2009
You spoke what I suspect is on most all our minds. The only thing left to say is that BGT will forever be known as "The Show that Once Had Susan Boyle On". She is strong, and she will come out better, for the sake of those that wilfully neglected her needs for the Finals... If she doesn't there will be hell to pay for all of the key operators at BGT - possibly JAIL TIME if they had any part in engineering this invetigated racket of theirs on her; too sad I know for a fact, what you speak of is exactly what they do to a rising phenomenon soon to be beyond their financial control. It's about power and control, then greed and envy. Susan's talent and recognition were not BGT, BGT played a minor role, Susan was burst upon us for a reason far bigger than them. And they know it. And they can't do a thing about it, though they may have tried.
finlandia50 commented on June 03, 2009
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Marie Ursula commented on June 02, 2009
Hey, true fans. Here is a beautiful metaphor: http://www.flix­ Lovingly, Marie Ursula aka Bear
dove commented on June 02, 2009
i rated this 10 cuz i like this video and he explain well to let people know
dove commented on June 02, 2009
and i qoute BGT abandoned susan for her safety and they let people harrast her before the final,maybe they are unfair to judge might jellousy is in thier heart cuz susan a simple woman her dream is to be a proffesional singer and sudden fame and accepted the world inspite of her look cuz they cynical people and fame of susan is first time in history sensation ,while the judges living in luxury as promenent they never experience this kind of fame in this world even though they will wear all gold in thier body still the world cannot accept them while susan the world accepted her as her entire whole being
Elayne commented on June 02, 2009
For a so-called "disabled person" Susan Boyle has done a remarkable job of surviving the last 48 years. She wasn't too disabled to take care of her ailing Mother. She obviously did a great job of that or surely one of her many siblings would have been doing it instead. Her home and cat are well cared for. She is responsible enough to sing in the church choir and volunteer to help others less fortunate than herself! She was able to sing magnificently in the finals!!! Based on how she conducted herself overall I don't even think her stress level is that low! At any rate, I agree with everyone. BGT did not do right by her. She was already an international star when she arrived in London for the finals and should have been given a safe place to stay and been protected from the media and people constantly bombarding her with requests for autographs. Of course, in my opinion, she should have been released from her BGT contract seven weeks ago so she could have hired her own agent/manager who would have protected her from the media and those wishing to capitalize on her fame....and then gotten on with the business of recording the CD we are all anxiously waiting to buy! If Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden had really cared about Susan they would have honestly told her that she no longer needed BGT to launch her career....that it was already in the bag after her first audition. I think her family tried to tell her just that but for whatever reason, she chose instead to listen to Simon, Piers and Amanda. But you know all is not lost. As Susan said, has been a hell of an education! There is a scripture that says "whatever the evil one meant for harm, God will turn into good". Susan is hopefully much wiser after this ordeal and will find wiser, more Godly counsel in the future. God has a plan for Susan Boyle's life...and her best is yet to come!!!! Much good is certainly coming her way!
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