Judges and audience reaction only ~ Remarkable Talent! IDAD audition edited
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Submitted By: riverratt_ on April 23, 2009
About the Video: If I could sing a duet with anyone, it would be with this woman, Susan Boyle.
I opted to stay out for a week not watching off the hype that was given through the news. I wanted to see it in my own time and give it my own rating.
The song was marvelous and her falsetto voice was magnificent at every cue of the music.
I originally wanted to paste the entire video, but i thought about twice if i were she, how it would look from her veiwpoint, because I've been on stage before and i know I suffer from seriously from stagefright . Caputuring the "awe" of panelists and a crowd from her vantage point.
Scared me even watching this final edit. I know i could never do this even if i had such a voice. My hat goes off to Ms. Boyle, and I wish her many happy returns that her talent brings her in many movies yet to be sung.
Congratulations my dear.
Many happy returns.
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jaymaninthemoon commented on April 24, 2009
I don't think Trucker likes Ms. Boyle. This video is an interesting approach to the performance...I just wish the volumne was equal to other versions of the show. Still a great job.
lark commented on April 24, 2009
Susan, keep your family and trusted friends very close, as they are people who would exploit you. Don't change a single hair on your head, or compromise yourself, as you are a treasure just as you are! Life has over looked you to this point, it has been our loss. Perfection has many faces. You have given many of us hope that life has NOT killed the dreams we have dreamed. Good luck and God bless, as the old saying goes, "better late than NEVER!" Lark
Dr. Roni Mizrahi commented on April 24, 2009
thank you!
gentlerain commented on April 23, 2009
Priceless facial reactions. Pure surprise to all. Susan is a once in a life time voice. Thank you for sharing this video with us.
Allikat commented on April 23, 2009
The judges' facial expressions are priceless!I can't decide whose face dissolves into the sappier look--Piers, or Simon.
IvoryMist commented on April 23, 2009
We have Rita McNeil in Canada who sings very much like Susan.........a­nd no one would ever make fun of her looks!