Molly Meldrum interview, part 2 - 11/8/10
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Submitted By: sadie3lisa on February 07, 2011
About the Video: Molly Meldrum interviews Susan.
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sadie3lisa commented on February 14, 2011
I agree Talent, TOTALLY! :D
Talent commented on February 12, 2011
I watched both interviews. Susan is giving excellent interviews because she is sending out good messages to the public about what one can accomplishment and hoping to help others. What a wonderful sense of humor Susan has. Hope she can go on for a long time. For a person that has had a hard time in the past, we can learn from Susan and at the same time enjoy her beautiful voice.
Selimron commented on February 07, 2011
I always enjoy Molly Meldrum Interviews of Susan.