Susan Boyle - In This Life
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Submitted By: mariquita on August 30, 2009
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lovinsusan commented on September 28, 2009
Seems Susan is the most loved person I can come up with! Such a deserving person...of so very much for sharing her talent and inspiring us. 10
ChrisinPA commented on September 02, 2009
10 mariquita!! Wonderful!! Thanks...
jaja commented on September 01, 2009
Your video and music be very beautiful.Thank­s.I also think to Susan be the gift from god.She go to our heart.Fanda
daytongal commented on September 01, 2009
Can't wait for your CD Susan. You have a God given talent. From America to Scotland, good luck on your new career.
Oceanpeg commented on September 01, 2009
Beautifully done up. It's really giving us a chance to get to know Susan for the real lady that she is.
KarenLynne commented on August 31, 2009
To Camisu11. I have often asked myself the same question. Something pulls me to Susan. Everytime I see her or hear her sing, my heart sings and I smile. It's angelic. Maybe it's a gift from god, but I myself have never been able to put in words as to exactly why. I listened to her sing Memory today and I it's a lovely as it was the first time I heard it.
camisu11 commented on August 31, 2009
Pulls at your heart strings. Help me tell my niece the answer. I will give you her question and I would love to tell her why you love Susan. auntie, this whole susan boyle thing is getting funny, is she really a relative or do you just love her this much... Why???
hermesito commented on August 31, 2009
ishkamarie commented on August 31, 2009
rated 5.0. same Pictures over and over again. It would be nice to see something new!!
leonina -Australia commented on August 30, 2009
Anather lovely work Mariquita...Tha­nk you for giving us this moment to enjoy Susan.
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