Susan Boyle: I Dreamed A Dream
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Submitted By: Anonymous on April 22, 2009
About the Video: boylenumber1fan wrote: Susan Boyle exclusive: Man sings I Dreamed A Dream outside star's house.
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Kerstin, Sweden commented on July 17, 2009
I laughed my head off!! :-D
Falcon commented on May 11, 2009
I'm going to give you your proper's dude. You had the guts to get out there and serenade Susan. It was fun watching that...
ammo commented on April 29, 2009
Such a cute video....You have a better voice than mine (I'm female and 60) not that you need to know that. Who killed your dream ?- Susan ? Was that your message? - That was such a fun clip to watch.....out in the street...what guts you have. I just love to see everyone's reactions and tributes to Susan....and then the comments to the tributes... I'm a Brit here in Canada, husband's mom was Scottish, Keep 'em coming. I am sure you must be a have put yourself on the line like that. Good for you!
Roy C commented on April 26, 2009
Ouch. I wasn't sure if he was serious. If serious a 1 if just jabbing us an 8 for having the balls :)
jackinabox commented on April 25, 2009
A singer you ain't. Don't give up your day job or you'll go hungry
dalzielboy commented on April 24, 2009
Clearly mixed views and a touch of paranoia on this video, leaping from lows of 1 to highs of 10 ,although I personally see a keen sense of humour, lack of singing talent and a clear admiration of SB in the authors work , others see something quite different even to the extent of personal harm being inflicted . Perhaps author might clarify to ease concerns of some if he hasn't been run over by a delivery van already .
dalzielboy commented on April 23, 2009
Sorry forgot to rate 9.5
dalzielboy commented on April 23, 2009
I thought that was great ... terrible singing . But humourous and real . I likes the way you caught the car thief driving off in the BMW . Very worried about Irish Wife above ( damaged goods) . Think she missed the point completely . Glad she is not working in my part of the world. Anyway well done , matey . Humour is important and susan B would appreciate it I am certain.
Gobs commented on April 23, 2009
Enjoyed that, thanks :)
AccountClosed commented on April 23, 2009
"Britains&­#39;s Got Talent" I hope "Susan'­;s Got Security" The first time I watched this video my creepy-guy sensors went off. This man in this video seems to be saying "look at me, look at how close I can get to her, I can stop traffic and nobody says anything, I have no respect for anyone else's personal boundaries"­;. He keeps repositioning himself so Susan's home is more and more in the background, slowly creeping up. It also looks like someone is telling him not to get too close (which is a good thing). I showed it to my husband and he had the same reaction but it would not be appropriate to print his comments here. He wasn't as kind in his assesment. You may think my comment too much, I used to work in law enforcement and I stopped second guessing myself a long time ago.
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