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Submitted By: CanadianBill on February 28, 2011
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treegirl commented on June 26, 2011
She takes us to another place, but it all comes back to the simplicity of the first time we heard her.
stereoneedleslady commented on March 11, 2011
Susan Boyle is the lady we are here for! Bill, this is beautiful! Welcome all to the best Susan Boyle Fansite!
Selimron commented on March 11, 2011
Such a Beautiful Lady sharing her Dream with all of us.
cicichi commented on March 01, 2011
Canadian Bill this video is outstanding. I am so happy I found this fansite very early after Susan came on the scene. All of us who collectively raised our eyebrows when those first few awesome notes came from Susan's mouth, knew Susan was destined to touch the stars. Bill your promotional video reaffirms what we all instantly knew, Susan was a Star. We had front row seats, in front of our computers. Bill your promotional video opens the doors of our fansite wider for more potential Susan fans to come join us. There is plenty of room, come join us. Great job Bill. Score:10 Peace and Love, cicichi
Amber Duke commented on March 01, 2011
Lovely video, Bill. This is the greatest place to follow all news, big and small, about Susan Boyle. A treasure-trove of beautiful videos, recordings, information and lively discussion. Score: 10.
red hatter commented on February 28, 2011
Susan breaks records faster than we can keep up with!!!!
Susan43212 commented on February 28, 2011
nanajean commented on February 28, 2011
Great work Bill, the video would certainly entice me in!
Kalua commented on February 28, 2011
Excellent Bill thank you
Csk8stoo commented on February 28, 2011
Great job , Canadian Bill. Being a member of the fan site has opened up a world of mutual appreciation for the wonderful talent and spirit of Susan Boyle.
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