Susan Boyle at the Los Angeles airport - Nov 7th 2009
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Submitted By: swed on November 09, 2009
About the Video: At the Los Angeles airport on Nov 7th, 2009, we bumped to Susan Boyle while we were waiting to welcome our relative. She was a wonderful, a cheering, and a down to earth person. I can imagine that she was tired from her long flight but that didn't stop her to come by and shake our hands. This is for the world to know that she's a great person.
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roseate commented on November 12, 2009
Thank you posting this lovely video! Score 10.
fanofsusan commented on November 11, 2009
my comment is about sharon osbourn and what a two faced witch she is. Nice to Susan to her face and then stabs her in the back. The woman has no talent os her own she is lucky she married Ozzie or she would be a nobody. Susan is a beautiful woman on the inside and I do not think she is ugly either, I think she is lovely and has an incredible voice. I didn't think she had enough time on Dancing With The Stars, I would like to hear her sing the same version of I Dreamed A Dream that she sang the first time she was on BGT, I hope that is the one on her cd. I just love you Susan, you are a real person, not a doctor's frankinstine like Sharon.
a fan from thailand commented on November 11, 2009
Wow!Susan, God rewards you such a precious thing. That is love from all. Also, God guards you from trashes. You are mostly blessed by God. Hope this goes forever for you. Thanks for posting. Score 10.
Susan fanatic in Japan commented on November 11, 2009
She's truly nice I could tell. Love you, Sue!
Naffe commented on November 11, 2009
When will Lady Susan sing for HM the queen? I think HM barely can wait to hear and see Lady Susan live. She surely deserve it. (I mean Lady Susan)
leonina -Australia commented on November 10, 2009
I just loved!!! She is so cute..Look at the way she carry her own lugage instead of making her personal assistent to carry it, and then she is ready for her fans, that is class to me.
little jack commented on November 10, 2009
She's so humble and you can see it by what she said.
Patricia's Art commented on November 10, 2009
This is nice,up close .So glad to see Susan relaxed and being herself. She is so friendly. What a lovely person she is!
t.j.toronto commented on November 10, 2009
it is so wonderfull to see susan looking so has always touched me when she started to get all the attention,she said...i guess i wont be lonley any more...she sure isnt now ...the whole world loves her now!!!!!
susan fever commented on November 10, 2009
What a great video. Those lucky people that were there to see her. Wow she is so friendly, and she seems happy to be back in USA. Hey SUSAN IS COMING TO CANADA ON NOV 26TH !!!. Susan will be making her only Canadian appearance in Toronto on Nov 26th at 12.15 p.m, to promote her debut album (she does not have to promote, I have already preorder 3 copies from Amazon). For those Canadian fans who are not aware, Susan will be performing at the First Canadian Place Building (located at the corner of King and Bay). There will a stage set up for her at the waterfall area of the concourse. Susan will be signing autographs for her fans after the performance. No need to buy tickets, as it is free, just go early to get a good spot. The place can hold 2000 people. For American fans who live by the Canadian/US border, it will be only 2 hours drive. This news was on the front page of the entertainment segment of the Toronto Star today. Oh, don't forget to bring a CD and the Sept Harpers Bazaar for her to autograph. So excited I finally get to see her in person.
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