BGT Tour, Bournemouth - 6/26/09, 'Memory' *
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Kerstin, Sweden
Submitted By: Kerstin, Sweden on June 30, 2009
About the Video: renatinhacsc wrote: Bournemouth Show.

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someone who cares commented on June 30, 2009
BRAVO SUSAN!! A little trouble at the beginning - needing to use the diaphragm to support those notes, but then you must be getting worn down a bit from all of these performances. Rest your voice if you need to, but we're on pins and needles until you sing again.
Allikat commented on June 30, 2009
Thanks so much for posting this! I was wondering where I could find a Bournemouth video. What they did with the lighting there is so lovely! I never tire of hearing Susan sing this song.
lovinsusan commented on June 30, 2009
10 plus Angelic
Nancee commented on June 30, 2009
Fantastic version. Powerful, like only she can do. WOW!!
Jeanie H. commented on June 30, 2009
Oh, I hardly know what to say. Susan's voice is unlike any I have ever heard and it is beyond beautiful. Thank you fumingiane, for posting this. Jeanie Hutton, USA