BGT Tour, Bournemouth - 6/26/09, 'I Dreamed a Dream' *
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Kerstin, Sweden
Submitted By: Kerstin, Sweden on June 27, 2009
About the Video: susan boyle at the britains got talent tour in bournemouth 2009
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Xi commented on June 28, 2009
Score: 10!
PJ in Calif. commented on June 28, 2009
I just can't get enough of Lady Susan!! I love that line 'but he was gone when autumn came'!! She is absolutly stunning!!!
Harry NYC commented on June 27, 2009
What an amazing talent. She's defying her critics and proving them wrong. She's getting better and better. That's because she knows how to sing. She's a natural.
trinkie commented on June 27, 2009
I prefer hearing Susan sing to anyone else, Barbra Striesand or Elaine Paige, it doesn't matter what their names are.
elang commented on June 27, 2009
You know this is great but you know if we had that other blog we would all be commenting about susan on this video and strisand being jealous etc also when we see her dancing that jig pefore she sings we would all be laughing and smileing at the same time sharing at the same time. You know I miss all the people for those blogs like ammo, scrooge, reinder, danny ramone etc. Where are they???????????­?????????????? Sad it is really.
PK Calif. USA commented on June 27, 2009
Did anyone see Barbra Striesand's performance a couple weeks after we first heard Susan? She looked wonderful, and of course sounded wonderful, but I wonder if she isn't jealous of the out pouring of affection we all have for Susan. Might be off base here, but I thing she should have come out publically saying something about Susan, as Demi Moore did. Also, I think Susan looked thinner in the gold dress she first wore.
JennyZ1 commented on June 27, 2009
@terijay, I think @Wistuh might have pressed wrong button.
eagleflight commented on June 27, 2009
Susan is such a powerhouse! Thank you for posting
dmichael commented on June 27, 2009
susan you are like BUTTA!!!! LOL
terijay commented on June 27, 2009
wustah- what is your problem? giving 7.75 ratings all over the place? can you do better than that? name me one singer in the world who can do better than that? who the hell are you? Barbra Striesand or something- give me a break
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