SuperSkouspel, South Africa - Performers talking about the event - 9/29/15
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Submitted By: SBFII Admin on October 01, 2015
About the Video: Go to 3:40 to hear about Susan. PJ Powers speaks in English, Nadine speaks in Africaans. The translation of what Nadine says:

"I sing IKHSW with Susan. It is a special moment for me - in the concert and in my career. When my part starts she spreads out her arm and waits for me and she welcomes me and it is so meaningful for me and so special. And from the first moment I felt a connection with her. Sometimes you duet with someone and it is very nice and then sometimes you have that that special connection where you feel caught up at that moment and that is what I have with Susan. The guys at the end just said that they wanted to duet with Susan but she said no - they are just fooling around."
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