Susan Boyle, "Someone to Watch Over Me", CD Promo - 2011
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Submitted By: SBFII Admin on August 31, 2011
About the Video: Susan's 3rd album will be released November 2011

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MrsMarissa237 commented on October 16, 2011
Love it Susan. Can barely wait to get this ordered today, thank you so very much. Your music fills my home each Sunday, calms me, and provides a day of music and rest for me. I hope you continue to enjoy success, travel, performances if you like. Your gift has connected many in this world whom would be living "sheltered­" lives without your inspiration. There is so much more than a modest retirement to look forward to, watching you perform. Hopefully, at home I can achieve some success inspired by your music, your perserverance, wonderful attitude, may your journey be guided by God's love, wisdom, protection. Thank you Susan, a 10+
Shirley RC commented on September 01, 2011
Exquisite! Beautiful renditions.Beau­tiful Lady! My twin and I shall purchase several of your new CD's. With our love, prayers and kisses, we thank you dear Miss Susan Boyle. Shirley RC