Scottish Variety Awards, 'I Dreamed A Dream' - 3/19/11
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Submitted By: SBFII Admin on March 21, 2011
About the Video: Susan Sings her signature Song!
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Sugar Puddin commented on May 01, 2011
Great, but you had to be there To feel the power. Absolutely mind blowing.
YorkieMama commented on May 01, 2011
I love her voice - she should have put out another album mid-year of songs that were written just for her
roosie commented on April 29, 2011
toujours un plaisir d'├ęcouter susan
shirleee6 commented on April 01, 2011
just beautiful---from a lovely woman
susanaddict commented on March 29, 2011
hard to believe. I just had the same feeling again when I heard this after not hearing for a while. 10
CanadianBill commented on March 29, 2011
franck commented on March 28, 2011
At last she's got again the same beautiful and powerful voice than in the audition. Carry on this way, dear Susan!
a fan from thailand commented on March 28, 2011
Then again one of the best versions of IDAD sung by our SUBO! What a treat!
GritsT commented on March 26, 2011
Never, ever thought she would sing it better than the audition, but here it is!
Linda Sharon commented on March 22, 2011