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curly nan
Submitted By: curly nan on October 25, 2009
About the Video: Wild Horses. Susan you are a very talented lady.
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johnny1 commented on November 22, 2009
never took much notice of susan boyle before heard a couple of her songs and they gave me goosebumps and i loved them got to listen to more of her singing she has a voice of an angel
Meri commented on November 20, 2009
Such a SOUL lady! She makes my day. We love you Susan.
talondora1 commented on November 03, 2009
Well done, Susan!! It's a blessing to hear your voice.
pomsarepeople commented on November 03, 2009
She looks beautiful in this video. Her voice is like no other. Quite distinct. Love her!
elimarseli commented on November 03, 2009
Susan Boyle you have a voice of an angel! You always give me the chills and I cover my mouth in amazement as I feel you are a gift from God. Thank you for singing to us.
mckat1149 commented on November 03, 2009
She still makes me cry everytime I hear her sing...she is truly amazing...! God Bless Our Susan hugs Kat Florida
margaret commented on November 02, 2009
Hi Susan!!I am waiting to recive my CD to be deliverd.. and also to see you singing on TV once again !!!Good Luck !!I hope you are still enjoying your new life many LOVE you for the wonderful pleasure you bring with your voice, a breath of fresh air to the turmoil of the world !!!!...God Bless
someone who cares commented on November 02, 2009
Sorry, my glasses slipped and evidently so did my fingers. Make that I always enjoy hearing Susan. Maybe I should always move my fingering a key or so off to the side and make this a secret coded message. :)
someone who cares commented on November 02, 2009
I slesyd rnjoy hearing and seeing Susan sing. Really sings from the heart with great beauty, strength, and control.
ammo commented on November 02, 2009
Pity I can't edit my typos...must edit before I submit I suppose.
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