BGT Tour, Birmingham, 'Memory', 'I Dreamed a Dream' - 06/24/09
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Submitted By: TommyUSA on June 24, 2009
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jlp commented on September 06, 2013
Susan is so much for self assured. the words seem to just flow out of her mouth. It is nice to see the self assurance in her.
One2relate2 commented on February 06, 2011
One2relate2 commented on February 06, 2011
Susan has become a blossoming flower with beautiful colors of heartwarming, comforting tones. Her soul is sweet and genuine, and her life is filled with friends that feel for her . . . ones she doesn't even know, but they do care for her and wish her a happy fulfilling life. Keep singing and sharing your lovely voice with us, we want to play your CD's! :)
AlexandraChristina commented on August 15, 2010
This lady brings me to tears each time she opens her magnificent voice. Susans voice is like a blessing to my ears and heart. God love you Susan...thank you. I love who you are and I love how you sing!
Ms.B fan commented on July 14, 2010
Hello to you,my name is Phyllis Campbell and my husband just love Ms Boyle. AS soon as her album got in a store in our area we bought it.We are waiting for her next album to come out so that we can get it as well. Please Ms. Boyle continue with your singing as you have a lovely voice. We became your fans the night that they aired your preformance on Britains Got Talent in the States. We love you Ms. Boyle.
loisgirl commented on December 27, 2009
You are an amazing lady, Susan. I could listen to your cd all day and never get tired of your singing. I hope you so much fame. And find yourself a loving man who will appreciate you for who you are. Love, Loisgirl
Pussycat commented on September 16, 2009
Grammy707 commented on July 17, 2009
I had been out of town with no internet for almost a month and had not seen this. She has blossumed like a beautiful flower since I left! Her stage presense is overpowering now, she plays into the fans and enjoys them, her confidence has SORED. She is emerging as a professional PERFORMER and doing it with such beauty, style and grace that you can only LOVE HER MORE!! Still true beauty, inside and out!
Linda Sharon commented on July 14, 2009
Of all the BGT tour videos this is my favourite. She nailed it as they say! That voice just thrills me - so sweet on the ears! This is recorded on someones hand held device - imagine when it's in the studio on their equipment that will capture the voice so spectacularly! Dee you said you were her biggest fan - no I am! That's pretty grade 8 for a =58 year old grandmother. I know let's just be a community of her best fans! I'm listening to this as I type - oh man! How I love this voice! Her sweetness of spirit is just icing onthe cake! Can't wait for C.D. and and interview would be nice!!
Junebud616 commented on July 13, 2009
Susan Boyle -- The most luscious voice on the planet. Can't wait 'til we can buy CD's! Want to hear her sing EVERYTHING -- LOVE HER "CRY ME A RIVER!!! -- and I want to hear her sing EVERYTHING...BL­UES, Ella standards, Kate Smith oldies,everythi­ng. She looks and sounds terrific!
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