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Submitted By: TommyUSA on June 17, 2009

A comparison from Susan's audition to today.

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Patricia's Art commented on June 23, 2009
Thank you Tommy USA, I love these pictures of Susan
junebug commented on June 23, 2009
So, is tommyUsa a crook? Or is he just another ripofff. Give me his phone number.
Cassandra commented on June 19, 2009
I love seeing her all glammed up. The transformation is stunning, but I'd take her any way I can get her. We all want to look our best and if the eyes of the world are on you, all the more reason. It's like she went from a loveable duckling to a glamorous swan right before our eyes. I don't care if she was on the balcony upset and needing her cat. She's got to be over-whelmed and seeking that security. She's not one to hide her emotions well, but that's what makes her performances so emotional and real.
Starsong commented on June 19, 2009
Tara commented on June 19, 2009
Tommy have been meaning to alert all True Susan fans about this guy that her family have gotten involved (or so I heard last week) to 'manage'­; her. Name of Ozzie Kilkenny he's from Dublin and am afraid to say without wanting to be in any way libelous that he is NOT an entirely honourable man.. Just ask U2.....let'­s hope someone marks her card before he gets involved. This is a chap who allegedly puts his own interests well before those of his clients. To put it mildly if I was advising Lady Susan I would suggest she run a mile.
AireMom commented on June 18, 2009
Sorry, but I wanted to be sure you saw a smiley! :-)
AireMom commented on June 18, 2009
She's just so ...capable. :-]
AireMom commented on June 18, 2009
Any girl wants to be a little glamorous when the time is right, and Susan's looking gorgeous with make-up, new hairstyles and fancy dresses. The thing is, though, we know she's the same Susan today as she was when we all first met her...and that makes me so happy! I love seeing glimmers of the "real life" funny Susan peek through the glamor...the quick grins, the head slap, the kisses blown to the audience, all serve to remind us of the wisdom in the old advice, be appropriate, but be yourself. Susan has it down pat, and we can learn a lot from her. Beautiful singer, beautiful person. Thanks for being you, Susan!
Tootiethatbeme commented on June 18, 2009
sailette commented on June 18, 2009
Later today.... GOOD NEWS I went to another laptop and for whatever reason, it came through.... and well worth persevering for......thank you.....
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