Rabbi Siegel Talks to Susan Boyle About Fame
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Submitted By: Amazone on June 07, 2009
About the Video: Rabbi Joshua Martin Siegel shares a message about fame with Susan Boyle. Introduction by Sheine Reichel. Filmed June 5, 2009 in Columbia,Maryland.

A new one from the Rabbi.

I am happy Susan make lots and all kins of people happy.
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boyleslaw commented on September 23, 2009
fantastic straight from the heart and yes obviously the best wisdom for susan and now 23 sept 2009 proven. i think also though we should take this advice for any and all that suddenly get famous in this fast world.
tweek commented on June 08, 2009
This is excellent advice. And, it runs parallel with my thinking that Susan will eventually develop her own purpose as to why she is here. Susan may come out of this at a spokesperson for handicapped, disabled children who have a dream, and she will encourage those children and others to realize her dreams. She is such an inspiration to others already, and I don't think she it has hit her of the full range whereby her singing has affected so many lives. As her life calms down, I believe she will be even more effective to people in reaching out. However, right now, in lieu of all the bad press that she has gotten, I feel her family, as well as others, henceforth are going to shield her from all a lot of what is written and said, good or bad, to keep her in perspective. She does not use a computer and I do not believe she has any interest in learning yet. I only wish that she really got even a fraction of her good messages, such as this video of Rabbi Siegel, who means only the best for Susan.
margiemc commented on June 08, 2009
Thank you Rabbi Siegel
Veneta commented on June 08, 2009
Score: 10 Score: 10 Score: 10 Score: 10 !!!! Thank you Rabbi Siegel for your wisdom.
youareloved commented on June 08, 2009
Thanks Godscre and RubyRose for your comments. God bless you!! A few days before the finals, before I became aware of what the ugly tabloids (which I don't read - waste of time and money!) were saying about Susan, the Lord led me to pray this over her: 'When you pass thru the waters, I will be with you. When you pass thru the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk thru the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze. For I Am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel your Saviour, and you are precious and honoured in My sight, and I love you. Therefore, do not be afraid, for I Am with you!' I recognised it was from Isaiah 43. (I sent the message before the finals by email and letter thru talkbackthames London - don't know if Susan got it.) I found out later that these words were so relevant! Susan, you are so loved by the Great God who created you and whose you are! Having the Rabbi, Godscre, RubyRose and the so many nice and caring people in this site who are trying to communicate to you their love and support is proof of that!!
Godscre commented on June 08, 2009
Thank you Rabbi Siegel for your words of wisdom. Susan has started the snow ball to build on. Your words are good for all of us to live by. It is good to remain faithful to those who truly love us. Relationships are complicated, but it seems that Susan has had some quality relationships before BGT. It is always good to take refuge in God who is the best listener and friend we can ever have. One of my favorite Scripture is "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight." Pro. 3:5. Commit everything to God who loves us and "...whatev­er you do, do it all for the glory of God." 1 Cor. 10:31.
RubyRose commented on June 08, 2009
Thank you, Rabbi Siegel. You are so right - we serve God by being what He created us to be. Susan, dear, remember that God continually grows us into what He has intended us to be all along. You're experiencing quite a growth spurt! Your days are so full, now. Be certain to make time to keep yourself centered on what is real and good, to remember who and whose you are.
youareloved commented on June 08, 2009
Thank you Rabbi for your wisdom. I have prayed that Susan would see that God has put her where she is right now for a reason - like Esther of the Bible - 'for such a time as this'. Yes, it's not really about Susan. Rather it's about fulfilling the purpose for which God has created her and given her an angelic voice. My prayer is that Susan will come to know God in a deep and intimate way. He has put such a burden in my heart for Susan that makes me believe that God is giving her the grace to really make a big impact in our world in a way that is so much bigger than her. I pray she will offer her gift of music to the God we love and to His world. Bless you Susan and bless you Rabbi! Please, will someone make sure Susan sees this video! (And I hope she reads my comment as well!)
Elayne commented on June 07, 2009
one day I will get the hang of "blogging&­quot; and won't submit before I am ready to!!!!
Elayne commented on June 07, 2009
Score! 10+ Well said, Rabbi! My mother always told me, "To your ownself be true". As a child I didn't really understand what that meant but, like the Rabbi, on a smaller scale I have been blessed to enjoy "success&q­uot; and "recogniti­on" for the talents God has given me, Unfortunately, being a "big fish in a little pond" caused me at times to lolse sight of who God had created me to be. I use my "gifts&quo­t; for Him now and always pray that I would be a blessing to others. If Susan gets a chance to view this video, I know she will fully understand and receive the wisdom that this man of God is imparting. There have been many films made and books written about people who lost their way when "fame and riches" came calling, like "Elvis&quo­t; for one. My prayer for Susan, who does profess a belief in and love for God, is that she will continue to be true to herself and will continue to look for ways to be a blessing to all those she will meet along the way as she begins this new incredibly wonderful journey...a new chapter is being written in the life of singer Susan Boyle!!! ngghy. Afrnobay ast kdIts was raidTRbbi
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