Pre-BGT, 'The power of love' - 2001
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davclas commented on March 05, 2016
From just re-watching this video recalling Susan Boyle singing years before she was “discovered” on BGT, it is obvious to me that, even back then, she could captivate an audience, at will, with her incredibly emotional voice when she combined it with just the right song. The Power of Love is just such a song which comes already emotionally charged by its lyrics alone. Combining these incredible lyrics with a magnificently powerful voice flowing in its own emotional wave and any listener to this is helpless to resist being drawn into the wave of love and emotion powered far beyond any normal expectation. Susan’s voice carries us to the realm of the stars. Why does this song exude such power of emotions? I believe that it is because of the timing of the words in the song. Most songs are sung at an average pace of 2 to 3 words per second sprinkled with a few longer paced words at the beginning or at the end of the song for greater emotional effect. This song has at least 21 of these places where the final word of some key phrase is sustained for at least 5 seconds or more with incredible effect. There are 6 more places where a key word is sustained with great emotional power for at least 4 seconds. Phrases like “I’m your lady”, “you are my man”, “when you reach for me”, “I’ll do all that I can”, “I'll always be your side”, “light years away”, and “the power of love” are just a few of them. By using this song with its already emotionally charged lyrics and adding one of the greatest naturally gifted voices on the planet to perform it, as only she can, has to be one of the greatest combinations of pure emotional power that I have ever heard from any song. The lyrics set an intensely emotional scene for us to embrace. But, it is Susan Boyle who gives it the power to carry us beyond our everyday world and to send us straight to the stars. Not Celine Dion, Helene Fischer, Jennifer Rush or any of the others that I have heard sing this song can sustain an emotional note like Susan Boyle can and have us believe every single word of it with goose bumps to prove it. This depth of emotional power cannot be bought for any price. It comes from having lived with the depths of loss and having reached out for the heights of 'hope' from within the depths. Susan has a very deep emotional well and she lets us experience it with songs like this one. Bravo, Susan!!