Piers Morgan talks Susan Boyle
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Submitted By: Anonymous on July 30, 2009
About the Video: Haricornflake wrote: Piers Morgan in a radio interview for Talksport in the United Kingdom, discusses Susan Boyle. This was broadcast on 29th July 2009.
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Kerstin, Sweden commented on August 02, 2009
You can hear the full interview on Pier,s website; http://www.offi­cialpiersmorgan.­com/2009/07/29/p­iers-talks-sport-on-talksport/
Jeana commented on August 01, 2009
Got to love Piers. He has always been one of Susan's advocates.
Kerstin, Sweden commented on July 31, 2009
Well said P J In Calif!!
PJ in Calif. commented on July 31, 2009
On Lady Susan's UK fan site she says that she is so happy now, but asked, "What if it all ends?". Come hell or high water, we've got to convince her that it isn't going to end. That her life has changed for the better and it's going to stay that way!
Talent commented on July 30, 2009
Wish that video wasn't cut short. Wonderful to hear Pier's comments. I was in the post office the other day with my Susan Boyle T-shirt on. When I got to the counter, the person from India said to me Susan Boyle, she is wonderful. I've only missed one day, since I heard of Susan in April, of checking out the fansite. Can't wait to get Susan's CD in December.
Susan43212 commented on July 30, 2009
It's good to hear any little bit of news about Susan. Ohhhh, I cannot wait for the CD to be released!!
pretty@55 commented on July 30, 2009
I have been waiting sooooooooooo very long to hear feedback from Piers on Lady Susan. I just wish interview were longer. Has anyone heard any more chatter on "The Date" that Piers and Susan were to have?
Misti in Seattle commented on July 30, 2009
Oh I am so glad you posted this... I saw it on YouTube but did not think to add it here! Yay Susan!
Selimron commented on July 30, 2009
She is Lady Susan over here!! in the USA.
bluewren commented on July 30, 2009
Nice to hear Piers still has something to say!lol
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