NBC's Brian Williams Talks Susan Boyle - Singing Sensation.
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Submitted By: JJ :) on June 01, 2009
About the Video: NBC's Brian Williams Talks Susan Boyle - Singing Sensation
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Fire Djinn commented on June 02, 2009
I agree RubyRose, it's a great feel good story, NBC does a fantastic job of reporting it, as well it's 100% positive, there's nothing negative in it. A well done story the way the news should be told.
susanfan1970 commented on June 02, 2009
This was a clip long time ago, probably 5 days after the 1st audition was aired. I likee this clip and watched it many times before, and now it is bitterly sweet really. I like it, because what they said about her winning the show, no.... SAD. Wish the Brits were as smart as the Americans......­.....
Elayne commented on June 02, 2009
10 I was raised by an English mother who was full of positive sayings which she often imparted to my siblings and me in the hopes we would grow into loving, kind and compassionate adults. Two of her sayings were, "Beauty is only skin deep and it is what positive characteristics that are found inside your heart, soul and spirit that will make you attractive to others" and "If you can't say anything nice about someone, then you shouldn't say anything at all." The most amazing thing about my Mum was that she actually lived by this. She practiced what she preached. I never heard her say an unkind word about anyone (with the exception of my workaholic American father of course who could drive her to distraction, but even then she would speak of his good points!) She always looked for the best in others and for ways to be a blessing to them by performing amazing acts of kindness towards them. Her door was always open and food always on the stove. I wish I could say I was as "good"­; as her in that respect. I do, however, continue to strive towards being a more kind and forgiving person. Most journalists fall short of this ideal ....anything to sell their wares. Thank God for Brian and all the others in the public eye who have only had good and positive things to say about our Susan. Susan Boyle not only has skin-deep beauty but I see her on the outside as being a very attractive woman who is gracefully aging. It is the very rare woman past age 40 who does not begin to gray and gain weight, none of which detracts from Susan Boyle's appearance. At any rate, hair can be dyed, weight lost and make-up applied, if she so desires. Either way, we love Susan Boyle! She is beautiful to her fans inside and out!
delly commented on June 02, 2009
When Brian said "Who wouldn't want her playing for the Queen now", I thought "obviously most of the British people don't."­; They didn't give her the votes to do that. I's still sure that the Queen will ask her to sing. I like that there was not negativity in this report. I believ Brian Williams is the nicest person on tv.
Patricia's Art commented on June 02, 2009
She is endearing.She is totally lovable.She is super talented. And she is beautiful!
donnola petrilli commented on June 02, 2009
Contessa - you only have that job because of the way you look. You couldn't ask an intelligent question on you own without a script if your life depended on it.
brendy commented on June 02, 2009
This is my favorite news clip of all the ones I've watched. Makes me smile to watch Brian Williams as excited as I and so many others are about Susan Boyle.
ACuppaForSusan commented on June 02, 2009
Thank you, Brian Williams, for your heartwarming insights on Susan. Such precious words! What a joy! I've replayed it over and over, and over... Susan, we are so proud of you, girl!
Wild Ol' Dan commented on June 02, 2009
Howdy Pards, Well, reckon I too wanna thank Ruby Rose for summin' this thing up in just a few words... "It's poignant to watch this video. I feel nostalgic for the good old days when hope was high and life worth living. I wonder if many of us true-blue fans are not living Susan's life with her, so when she feels tired, but hopeful, we empathetically feel the same way, tired of the battle, but hopeful of the future." Truth is I don't think any of us have ever been down a trail like this before. I think we fell deeper in love with Susan than even any of us realized at first. We're in it for the long ride...whatever direction our Susan wants to go. I long to see her smile again...cause, when she does it lights up our world. Adios for now. Talk to ya on down the trail. Wild Ol' Dan
Lovin' Every Minute! commented on June 02, 2009
RubyRose - You have summed it up well. We rejoice in her triumphs; we share in her hopes and anxieties for the future. I'm sure it's easy to lose your hope and perspective after going through something unprecedented like this for the past seven weeks. I hope she is being reassured that a career is most emphatically hers, if that's what she wants!
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