My Susan Boyle Photo Album Part 1 by TommyUSA.wmv
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Submitted By: TommyUSA on July 05, 2009
About the Video: This is Part 1 of my photo collection of Susan.
I hope you enjoy. It is not done in order, but
thought it would be interesting to go back and
forth in Susan's journey.
The video is almost 25 minutes in length, so you
might want to grab some popcorn and settle in for
a little while..:)
Hope you enjoy.
I will be working on Part 2 when I get a little
more time.
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jtl commented on November 26, 2009
Oh my! I just love it Tommy! Its beautiful. I will watch it again. Thanks! You did a beautiful job.
lisabeth commented on July 19, 2009
wonderful thank you Tommy, nice th see and hear this clip often...
bluewren commented on July 09, 2009
Patricia's Art commented on July 06, 2009
Thank you Tommy! This is super fantastic!
ammo commented on July 06, 2009
Hi Tommy, another great piece of work. I have been missing some of the new ones because I didn't come onto the site via the very first page somehow. Glad I found them all here. Thanks again for all of your hard work...
groenwold commented on July 05, 2009
Great job thanks Tommy from a great SusanBoylefan in Holland!
LOVEfromON,CA commented on July 05, 2009
Wow Tommy! You're really dedicated. Good luck to you fella.
friendopunkin commented on July 05, 2009
WOW, Tommy! I don't know what else to say but "WOW!"­; Thank you so much. I just loved every minute of it.
sciqueen55 commented on July 05, 2009
Beautiful, I was crying by the end!
Muey commented on July 05, 2009
Absolutely brilliant, Tommy! I have dial-up, so it's taking me hours to load, but "enjoying every second of it"! Thanks so much for your time, talents and generosity!
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