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Submitted By: Allikat on May 09, 2009
About the Video: I found this skit posted online from Jimmy Fallon's Late Night show quite awhile back; seems as though it ought to be put on this fan site. There is so much truth behind the humour here!
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dawnthatt commented on June 15, 2013
Still a great skit and it still brings a tear to my eye after all these years!
Jeana commented on December 06, 2009
Yes, Jimmy, though your response was somewhat exaggerated , you got the point-Everyone was spellbound by Susan and her song-even you!
Jbright9 commented on November 15, 2009
Susan commented recently that there was something magical about Donnie Osmond's music. Well there is something just as magical about Susan's and calming. I have been spellbound since April and am enjoying every minute.
Sandrausa commented on November 02, 2009
No doubt about it, Susan Boyle has me under her spell too. I just can't get enought. She is just the greatest.
youareloved commented on October 11, 2009
Love it!
scotiamag commented on September 30, 2009
Score 10. I had avoided watching this till now but found it to be so very funny with an element of truth in it. Susan has that ability to 'reach out and touch' through her quiet demeanor and strength of purpose.
SWEET TEA commented on September 29, 2009
It's a spoof I know, but it's got a lot of truth in it. Susan Boyle has a big effect on people. Seems like she demands our attention even if she's in the other room. What a lady. Thanks for the funny flick.
Moywa commented on August 28, 2009
Love this
johnnycake commented on May 16, 2009
Thanks, Allikat. That was great. Interesting effect, to laugh while crying. She does seem to add to everyone.
Maureen Upstate New York commented on May 16, 2009
That was fabulous! But that's really how people are reacting when they first see Susan! Great work Jimmy Fallon, and as a New Yorker I loved the NY Knick that was also sitting in the conference room, they need all the cheering up they can get!
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